Green shoots in an old school

Green shoots in an old school

Currently we work in partnership with 5 Primary Schools to provide school meals for 1,000 children alongside 5 School Farms. 

Crimize School is at a distinct disadvantage; they are on the coast, sandy soil, little fresh water with scorching heat and hungry warthogs and monkeys to contend with. Yet, the community has taken these challenges in their stride and surprised us once again with their creative solution to these problems. 

The new school farm is inside the shell of the old school building! Perfect! They have carried in good soil and have been lovingly watering their crops by hand. The result - a green oasis with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and other vegetables. Incredible! 


The success of the soap company in Ningaia made us think we should reproduce the opportunities for the ladies in another village, without taking away income of course. So, in my “spread the love” campaign of trying to support equally all the villages in our area (despite the increased fuel costs), we decided that Nacatuco would be the lucky winners of the next opportunity. 


Nema currently supports 5 schools in the school feeding programme (locally called matafome:  kill hunger).  In total for 2015 there are 997 children in these 5 schools receiving a nutritious meal every day, encouraging school attendance, giving them a much more balanced diet and giving them energy and brain concentration levels to enhance their studying.  This is a proven development intervention which gives these children a much better start in life and a greatly improved chance of future success. 

Ambulances, Finally (Part 1)

It was my lovely predecessor, Marieke, who started off the process of buying the motorbike ambulances.  Now we have 2. 

Last week 3 women gave birth on the road on the way to the hospital.  That’s not good.  We would not accept it in the “west”, why should ladies here have to go through that pain, risk and indignity?  They shouldn’t.

Matafome arrives.

Matafome means “kill hunger” and that’s exactly what the enhanced maize, soya and sugar mix called CSB does.  It also encourages children to school as they get fed and helps with concentration and intellectual growth as well as physical growth.  For a relatively small amount of money, £50 per child per year, each of the 1,000 children in the 5 schools we support gets a meal every school day and additional support for the schools to become more self-sufficient with school farms and income generating opportunities. 

A Letter from a Scholar

We received this lovely letter from Anfai, one of the Nema scholars who is starting medical school in Pemba this month.

My name is Anfai Antumane, son of Antumane Anfai and Dia Anli, I am a 20 years old natural from Guludo Village, Macomia district. I was one of the Nema students at Escola Secundaria Padre Paulo de Macomia during the year 2008 to 2012. The present letter was written to thank Nema Foundation for all support given during my years as a student, an unforgettable opportunity I was given to pursue my studies which I embraced.

A New Bakery!

These are the ladies of our new enterprise. In the garden of Alima’s (far right) house we are going to build a oven, the ladies will make bread to sell at the market and support weddings and parties with cakes and breads. We love projects that empower local people and create an independent future. These spirited and funny women are looking forward to their new project.

These 1 day old twins, Rabia and Momace, with mum and gran are in remarkably good health. They were born in the Naunde health centre yesterday and are being let home today. Mum looks tired but who can blame her? They are so small but so cute. Sadly in the Naunde health clinic 2 babies have died in child birth this week: there are so many good news stories here but so much more work to be done.

Development and living in another culture is never easy but sometimes it’s so rewarding. After a meeting about the new school build in Crimize the chefe de aldeia stood up, as always, and gave his thanks to us for our work and encouraged the village to make the most of the opportunities we offer. As we shook hands as I was leaving, he said “estamos juntos”, “we are together”, and that’s why we stay out here doing what we do: because people like the chefe de Crimize are worth it and make the most of the help we offer, leading his people to uma boa vida.