Gustavo Dias


Gustavo, based at Guludo, is Nema’s overall Manager. Gustavo is from central Mozambique and has a passion for development and fighting poverty in his country. An ex-scholar himself, his enthusiasm for Nema is utterly infectious and is a daily inspiration for our scholars and benificiaries alike.

Assane Mussa

Assane started working for Nema in 2007.  In 2014 he was promoted to team leader and is now responsible for the activities of the team, especially in the absence of the diretora. 

Additionally, he leads the water projects and is capable of repairing pumps, training others and spotting problems and making solutions.

Assane is a Guludo native and has high standing in the local community. 

Not unusual for these parts, Assane has a trifling 7 kids. 

Amina Tuair Combo

Amina is Nema’s feistiest member.  Only joining in 2012 Amina is involved in the HIV/AIDS projects and the enterprise group.  A keen team member she has learnt a lot in 2 years and has recently taken on responsibility for the Macomia school scholars.

Amina and her very large family are Guludo residents, many of them working for Nema and Guludo Beach Lodge. 

Amina has 2 children; her 19 year old daughter is a Nema scholar, and her 3 year old son is sure to get the family motivation. 

Abudu Muera

Abudu was one of the first intake of Nema secondary school scholars.  He has been working with Nema since 2012 mostly within the health areas, including HIV and leading the current eye project. He is also responsible for the majority of the secondary school scholars.

Abudu’s family are scattered but he lives in Guludo and is not yet married.

Abacar Construction manager.JPG

Abacar Inja

Abacar is Nema’s “mestry”:  building expert.  He has worked for Nema since 2011 and started as a construction worker on a school project, progressing to supervisor.  He now works on all Nema construction projects and is the point lead for any building assignments.

Abacar is another Guludo resident, his mum is the Guludo Beach Lodge staff cook and he has 3 young girls.

Abushir Saha

Abushir is Nema’s tailor. Working out of the lodge shop since 2013 he makes all of the capulana (fabric) produce which showcase Nema to the lodge guests.

Abashir also makes staff and scholar uniforms. Abashir has 3 older children and lives in Ningaia.