A New Bakery

It's been proven over again, that one of the best ways of helping to reduce poverty is to empower women to generate their own income. With this in mind, last year we helped a group of women from Naunde village set up a Bakery. As always, there were plenty of challenges, but the project has been a great success so the Nema team were keen to help another group of women to do the same. So, one of the first things Gustavo, Nema's new Manager, has done is to help set up a new Bakery in Nambija village. So, in his words, here's what the team were up to last week...

The Nema team, along with Carlos (an very talented chef from Guludo Beach Lodge), ran a training day for a new Women’s Bakery Association at Nambija. Carlos taught them how the oven works and how to make bread. While the Nema team started training the group on how to start selling the bread and earn an income with their new business.

We manage to hand over to them all the necessaries materials. We all love this project; it is a great opportunity for them to improve their health, and start a new business, since there is no bakery in the community. The bread will be sold at affordable prices within the village and beyond.

The group were very thankful, happy and enthusiastic about the project. Nema will continue to support and encourage this small business to grow in it's success. I think the pictures to tell the rest of the story!