Official Opening of the Lumuamua School

Primary school education in the beautiful village of Lumuamua was so poor that parents would send their young children on a 10km round walk to get to another village to go to school. The school (a mud hut) was in a state and the teacher was was either drunk or not at school. 

A couple of years ago, after much campaigning by the local village, they finally got a wonderful new school Director (headmaster), the school was repaired, we started our school meals project and the tiny mud school was bursting with enthusiastic school children once again. The biggest plea then from Lumamua, was to help them to build a new school. Last year the Nema team, headed up by Lisa, made this dream come true. On time and within budget the new Lumuamua Primary School opened it's doors to the children at the end of last year. This week, Gustavo and the team attended the official opening of the school. A fantastic day for everyone in Lumuamua village and all of us involved in Nema. In Gustavo's words...

Today was the ceremony were we handed over the Lumuamua Primary school to the Government. The school has 3 classrooms, one double toilet and a water catchment system so the children can drink safe water while at school. The ceremony was wonderful; dancing, singing, smiles, enormous pride and satisfaction. 

There were many speeches, including one by the District Administrator. She was very grateful to Nema and to all the donors, who made it possible, so that the children can have better future. And she assured us that the government is opened for future plans and projects made possible by Nema.

The Community Leader was also extremely happy and grateful, and ready to work with Nema again on other projects! He encouraged all the members of the community to take their children to school instead of fishing and farming. We had the presence of the media, National Radio station, they recorded the ceremony and I spoke on behalf of Nema and all the donors, saying that it was a big accomplishment not only for Nema and the Government, but also for the community.