Bem Vindo Rema!

Name: Rema Selimo
34 years
: Naunde Village
Job Title:
Community Health Care WorkerUnofficial Job Title: Rama Wano Wayatima (mother for the orphans)

Rema is a single mother with 4 daughters, the eldest has a Nema Secondary School Scholarship. Before this role Rema was a Nema Community Health Volunteer helping to run malaria, nutrition and sanitation projects in her home village. Rema is also a traditional midwife.

Job Description:
Rema works in 3 areas; care for orphans, care for HIV+ families and care for pregnant women.

The Nema foundation has long relied on the help of around about 38 local volunteers in all its different projects and ventures throughout the region. Their help has been absolutely vital for Nema’s success and continues to be so. All of our volunteers work tirelessly in aid of their local communities so it is with great pride that we can announce that another of our volunteers has been promoted to become one of the 3 members of full time staff on Nema’s books. Rema Salimo has been appointed to the position of Health Worker, where she will be primarily based in the village of Naunde. It is extremely exciting news as her areas of responsibility will be to take on some of our most important projects in Naunde, a village with a population of over 3,000 inhabitants. Rema herself is a single mother of 3 and will doubtlessly be an incredible asset for the Nema team.

Firstly there is our new project with the orphans and vulnerable children in the village. This project focuses on promoting their education, as well as improving their health care, daily nutrition, financial and legal status along with psychosocial support. She will also be taking on the Maternity Project, where she will be a key aid to pregnant women in the village; giving out advice of the highest importance on diet, vitamins, immunisations and encouraging regular check-ups and HIV testing. In addition, she will be regularly paying visits to mothers with young babies to help with breast feeding and immunisations. Rema went through a midwife course herself and has invaluable knowledge on the topic. Her final responsibility will be to give much-needed attention to those families who are living with HIV, to provide them with all the support and advice that we have at our disposal.