Condom Day in Guludo Village

The day kicked off with one of the world-famous Ningaia HIV theatre performances - and what a performance it was! The crowd were in raptures at the new routine. As the play came to an end, the encores rung out across the village as they discussed the spectacle in delight.

Next was the feast; a banquet fit for Kings. As the plates were all cleared it was time for some lighter entertainment. There were joyous cheers as the famous Guludo ‘Black Mamba’ football team lined up in a friendly game against a team of young pretenders. The match was a fantastic contest with the Black Mambas scrapping to a 2-1 victory.

The highlight of the day was still to come. We played an HIV film (dubbed in Macua, the local dialect) onto the side of the Guludo Primary school  (proudly built by Nema). The film went down a storm.

The day was a resounding success and launched the sale of subsidised condoms (provided by Nema) in all the local shops and stores.