Why are we fundraising for Ambulances?

Last Thursday night the head guard arrived at my room at 1800 to inform us that one of the guards had been bitten by a snake. Being the one first aider here I did minimal first aid and rushed him to the local clinic in the Nema car. Luckily he survived and is now well into his recovery.
This morning at 0540 a wall fell over in Guludo village, a small girl was caught by the wall and her lag was snapped in two, bone protruding from her ankle. Her aunt works for Nema and has my phone number so we were able to send the Nema car to take her to the local clinic from where the district ambulance was called to take her to Pemba to operate on the leg. 
There are 24,000 people in our area, and more than that could well be affected by the purchase of two motorbike ambulances. These 2 incidents show how vital this service is as the only people allowed to call on one of the 2 district ambulances (sited over 90 minutes’ drive away) are the clinic staff in town. Lots of people don’t have my phone number and cannot call on the Nema car for help. It also is not always here, and frequently sick itself, and so cannot be relied on in all cases. So, the provision of these ambulances is vital for the wellbeing of the people here and safety of all. 
If anyone would like to help, please donate on our websitehttp://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/…/finalCharityHomepage.acti… or buy some gift vouchers from JoJo Maman Bebe to help their campaign,http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/pu+jojo-maman-bebe+gift-vouc…