Nutrition Project Re-Launch!

Nema has re-launched its highly successful nutrition project in the villages of Guludo, Ningaia, Crimize and Mipande. Malnutrition is a serious issue in Northern Mozambique, where 56% of children are chronically malnourished. Nema’s nutrition project comprises community workshops that teach families about malnutrition, why it occurs and how to prevent and treat it. In addition to this theory-based session, the workshops also provide families with a practical session that teaches them how to make a traditional and nutritious papa, or porridge, made from local ingredients, knowledge of which was lost during the Civil War. Over the year, we aim to roll the project out to all 12 villages where we work, enabling us to reach a total of over 16,000 people.

Special thanks to Global Angels for this fantastic, life-saving project!