Orphaned & Vulnerable Children Project

There are an estimated 4.5 million orphaned and vulnerable children in Mozambique. Living with brothers and sisters or extended family, these children are extremely vulnerable to poverty and malnutrition, and face significant difficulties in accessing schooling, health care, psychosocial support and livelihoods.  

In September 2010, Nema launched its ‘Orphans and Vulnerable Children’ project in the village of Naunde, Northern Mozambique. With its emphasis on education, health, financial security, nutrition, psychosocial support and legal status, this project aims to address some of the key issues facing orphaned and vulnerable children in this rural and remote community.

In partnership with the community-based ‘Committee for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children’, Nema has been working to register all orphaned and vulnerable children in Naunde. The responsibility will fall on the shoulders of our new Health Worker, Rema Salimo, to monitor and care for these children with regular home visits. During her visits, Rema will assess the children’s level of nutrition and financial status, and makes sure that they are attending school. She also accompanies them to the clinic for regular check-ups and ensures their legal documentation is up to date.

In the run up to Eid, Nema will also donate individual packs to each child. Each pack will contain a t-shirt as well as a pencil and notebook for school, and a bar of soap and washing bucket to promote better hygiene and health. We are also working with the Naunde Committee to develop sustainable livelihood opportunities for the orphaned and vulnerable children through enterprise, agriculture and education.