This new mother and her baby girl have come a long way in the past couple of months. At the beginning of June Amina was rushed to hospital in Pemba - a 6 hour ambulance journey - to give birth as she needed a blood transfusion. The day after her problematic labour she was discharged from hospital with a tin of milk formula as she wasn’t producing any breast milk. Things were not looking good for Amina and baby Zoura; Amina was very sick and shaken up following her traumatic experience, and even if there was somewhere nearby to buy milk formula there is no way the family could afford it. Amina, who is around 14 years old, is an orphan and lives with her grandmother. The father of the baby is out of the picture. Luckily, Rema (who looks after the orphaned and vulnerable children and the pregnant women in Naunde village) was looking out for them and it wasn’t long before we managed to find a donor to fund the milk formula for the baby. Lina Stahl has very kindly been sponsoring Zoura through the orphaned and vulnerable children program and it has made all the difference for this little family. The transformation in both mother and baby has been absolutely incredible - a BIG nishikuru (thank you) all the way from Naunde! And a little reminder that you can all donate here: