Today the Nema team made it to one of the southernmost villages that we support, Mipande.  Due to the heavy rains the road has been closed this year and this was the first time access has been available to us.  As we arrived in the village a chant of “matafome, matafome” began and the afternoon’s sitting of school children followed the truck until we got to the school where they were joined in their singing by the class 2 children.  Matafome is Nema’s school feeding programme where we provide a nutritious meal a day for the children who attend school. It was patently obvious from the joy on the children’s’ faces how much this means to them and how invaluable the school feeding programme is. The beauty of the “class inicio” (first years) sitting still in their lines (there are no desks or chairs at the school) contrasts with the excitement of those older children who know how great the matafome is for them every day.