We love checking up on the wonderful agricultural association in Nagulue and rewarding their hard work by providing some business for them! We bought everything that was ready – lots of tomatoes and aubergines – to sell to the lodge and to the staff. Its great to see a growing interest in different types of foods which add some variety and nutrition to the staple diet of rice and beans. The staff were very excited about the tomatoes and they were all sold within minutes!
Now the agricultural associations need to boost their supply of vegetables as the demand is certainly present. Unfortunately in Rueia, Ningaia and Nambo all the seeds planted by the association were washed away by the heavy rains this January, leaving the members demoralised and demotivated. Rueia’s association were extremely successful last year and were able to invest in tools and equipment for their machamba (farm). We agreed to help them out by providing some seeds (as they are very hard to come by in the local communities) in return for a few kilos of tomatoes and lots of hard work. Hopefully we’ll have a steady stream of produce from all of the revitalised associations in the coming months!