Before Nema, less than 1% of children went to secondary school
and less than 20% completed all 7 years at primary school. 

Since 2006 Nema has built 5 primary schools, feeds 1,120 primary school children a daily nutritious meal and has helped to support over 300 children with secondary school scholarships.

School Meals

Nema provides over 1,120 children from five villages with a daily school meal. Each child receives a nutritious meal providing 75% of their daily needs. To make this project as sustainable as possible, we also support the participating primary schools to develop school farms that will one day produce enough to replace the food currently bought from central Mozambique.

The aims of this project are three-fold; to improve school attendance, concentration at school and child nutrition. The results have been dramatic; school attendance at Guludo school jumped from 80 to 300 children following the launch of the project.

Donate: School Meals

£50 will provide a child with school meals for a year


Launched in 2007, this project has provided over 300 students secondary school scholarships. The nearest secondary school is 50 km away from the Guludo area, meaning that the vast majority of children were unable to complete their studies due to the prohibitive costs. Nema covers school fees, boarding fees, transport to and from school at the beginning and end of every term and essential school materials, such as notebooks, pens, pencils and school uniforms. 

Donate: Scholarships

each scholarship costs £240 per year
(£20.00 per month)

Primary Schools

Many local primary schools consist of mud walls, thatched roofs and in some cases the shade of a large tree. We have just completed the building of our fifth Primary School in Manica village. The schools are built in partnership with local villages who contribute their time, energy and local materials. The last three schools have been built by foreman, Abacar Inja who started as an unskilled labourer in the building of our first school in Guludo.

Donate: Education

A video created by Global Angels showing the education projects they have supported...