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Our communities felt the full force of Cyclone Kenneth, the strongest cyclone to hit Mozambique and the first ever to hit this region. We’re awaiting news but we anticipate that hundreds, if not thousands, of homes have been lost.

Help us show unity and support our efforts to rebuild the homes of the most vulnerable victims. With a local team and an army of community volunteers to mobilise, we are possibly the best placed NGO to have a swift and long-lasting impact on the ground.

Terror has returned to recently peaceful communities. Girls spend an average of an hour a day, vulnerable to attacks, cutting down endangered forests to cook on open fires with their young siblings in tow; inhaling dangerous fumes, sending climate changing gases into the atmosphere. Our $10 cookstoves are locally built using traditional masonry and pottery skills and materials from a design refined by a leading cookstove engineer.

We are currently fundraising for the first phase of the upgrade; to develop a maternity wing. This will enable mothers to give birth in a safer, better equipped maternity wing and stay in the care of the nurses for longer. The impact for women and their newborn babies will be profound and, no doubt, many more lives will be saved.



Our two ambulances provide a lifeline for over 36,000 people, daily taking women in labour and patients with medical emergencies to the local clinic. 

To keep the ambulances running costs relatively little, but funds are desperately short and we urgently want to secure the future of this project to help many thousands more people in desperate need of medical attention. 

Feed a child

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£60: Gives a child school meals for a year

Food security is desperately poor in this region. So much so, that parents reluctantly send their children to work in the fields instead of school.  

Providing a meal at school keeps that child in school and gives them, often, their only nutritious meal of the day.

This project has already transformed the lives of hundreds of children. Please help us reach more.  


£260: gives a year's secondary school scholarship

Prior to our Scholarship programme, less than 1% of children went to secondary school, solely due to the prohibitive school costs.  

This donation will allow a child to gain a Nema scholarship which includes school fees, full time boarding at the school and transport to and from school in holidays.