We work with 36,000 people, supporting them in relieving poverty in their villages. 


Our Mission:

To equip communities to sustainably eradicate poverty in their villages. 

What We've Achieved

  • Providing clean water for over 20,000 people from 42 water points

  • Feeding 1000 children one nutritious school meal every day

  • Supporting over 80 students every year with secondary school scholarships

  • Providing over 9,000 mosquito nets to mothers of young children

  • Supplying, maintaining and operating 2 motorbike ambulances

  • Reaching over 20,000 people with HIV/AIDS, Hygiene & Sanitation, Malaria and Nutrition awareness projects

  • Construction of 5 primary schools and 1 Health Centre

  • Supporting over 120 local artisans with the production and sales of their products

  • Providing technical support to enterprise groups in the areas of agriculture, soap production, crafts and bakeries.

Life expectancy here is just 40 years old and 21% of children do not survive their 5th birthday.
— UNICEF, 2010

our apProach

We use a holistic and participatory approach to enable communities to sustainably free themselves from poverty whilst protecting their invaluable environmental resources. In our experience projects overlap and re-enforce each other creating stronger foundations for continued development. The villages we work with are partners, not simply beneficiaries; projects are designed and implemented through a network of village leaders and volunteers and only start once the community is 100% committed.